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The production is the heart of our company. We have introduced a series of innovative products in the field of panel heating to the market over the years and they have earned the trust of our customers with their quality and longevity.

Our production program includes stainless steel manifolds,  cabinets and covers, service water stations,  actuators and control technology.



Ther production program of manifolds includes manifolds for heating systems in building and industrial construction, mixing units for fix value regulation and overflow sets. Accessories as manifold insulation and thermometers are completing the program.


The program of the cabinets completes our manifold program. The adjustment of the products makes it possible to position the heating circuit exactly within the cabinets and to adapt in height and depth at the place of the installation.

Regulation control technology

The production program of control technology for room-by-room control of heating and cooling systems includes actuators ( thermal valve drives ) and base stations (wiring centres)

Service water stations

Service water statitions for domestic hot water for individual supply of thermal energy and a simultaneous hot water heating on the flow principle following in residential buildings.