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The content of this website includes, i.e. information on TTO products, company, career, and EU projects in which TTO is involved. All information is informative and subject to further changes.


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Detailed information on the options for users of the website e www.thermotechnik.hr regarding the regulation of cookies and TTO data collection, processing and protection policy are accessible in the Privacy Statement published on this website, available at: http://www.thermotechnik.hr/gdpr/izjava-o-privatnosti-podataka/


The user of the website www.thermotechnik.hr may independently regulate the receipt of cookies through the settings of their web browser. TTO excludes any liability for any loss of functionality and/or quality of the content of thee website www.thermotechnik.hr in all cases the selection of the regulation of the receipt of cookies by the user.


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TTO reserves the right to modify these terms of use. Any changes to these terms of use will be notified to users in an appropriate manner and in due time. Amendments to these Terms of Use shall be valid from the date of their publication on website www.thermotechnik.hr


The last change was made on July, 30th 2020.