Exceptional electronic regulation of heating and hot water supply

No putting into service required – PLUG and PLAY

Modular construction–Optional expansion possible after beginning of operation

Installation of the basic module in flush-mounted cabinet or surface-mounted cabinet in the approprirate size depending on the selection of the manifold and circulation set

Water and Energy consumption control possible

Service water stations for DHW heating are preferably installed in each apartment of an apartment building. We have developed a service water station that covers the entire individualized needs of a customer for heating and hot water as well as it provides to measure his water and the heat consumption.

Service water stations are designed for self-contained heating systems which are connected to a central heating system. Their main function is the individual supply of thermal energy and a simultaneous hot water heating on the flow principle following the “either-or” principle. Our stations are characterized by their compact design such as the integration of heat and water meters, which allows an accurate billing of water and energy consumption. Our range offers service water stations for radiators, floor – or bivalent heating as well as water stations for DHW heating without connection of the residential heating.

Optional circulation set for maintaining temperature at distant tapping points or in summer mode

Individual or automatic temperature setting on the room thermostat and / or outside sensor

Minimum risk of limescale formation and bacteria (legionella) thanks to constant temperature maintenance

Intelligent control and option of linking more stations together

Monitoring of the paramters thru control unit or computer programm



Fresh water station for radiator heating (RSC)


Fresh water station for underfloor heating (FSC)


Fresh water station for underfloor heating with additional circuit for radiator heating (KSC)