Exceptional electronic regulation of heating and hot water supply

No putting into service required – PLUG and PLAY

Installation of the basic module in flush-mounted cabinet or surface-mounted cabinet in the approprirate size depending on the selection of the manifold

Water and Energy consumption control possible

DHW heating in the flow principle:
The domestic hot water is heated in the flow principle only during the request via a stainless steel plate heat exchanger. A temperature and flow sensor according to the vortex principle detects the temperatures and flows.
The controller regulates the necessary heating energy for the plate exchanger by means of a step a valve stepper motor valve.
The plate exchanger is not kept warm. Unnecessary circulation loss is avoided and increased legionella formation is effectively prevented.
The second step a valve stepper motor valve built into the secondary outflow can be operated via the controller as an EnEV-compliant weather-compensated regulated heating circuit, fixed value control (setpoint) and as a domestic hot water priority circuit.

Optional circulation set for maintaining temperature at distant tapping points or in summer mode

Individual or automatic temperature setting on the room thermostat and / or outside sensor

Minimum risk of limescale formation and bacteria (legionella) thanks to constant temperature maintenance

Temperature provision valve integrated with actuator