Patented manifold shape with 56% larger cross-section than competitor products
Patented manifold bracket with click system for quick assembly without tools
The center distance of the mainfold can be switched from 200 to 210 mm by turning the clamps on the manifold bracket
Innovative sealing system on the primary connections
Different versions of the primary connections
Individualization of the manifold with a laser-engraved customer logo


TTO Top 69E

Manifold for underfloor heating or cooling connetions

TTO Vario DP

Manifold for underfloor heating or cooling connetions with automatic dynamic flow control

TTO Sani

Manifold for sanitary connection

Different distances between the heating circuit connections are possible
Manifolds avaliable from 2 to 16 outlets
Manifold bars drilled on one or both sides
Own construction and production of the valves
Construction of all connection elements
Adaptation of the accessories to all manifold models