Production program

The production is the heart of our company. We have introduced a series of innovative products in the field of panel heating to the market over the years and they have earned the trust of our customers with their quality and durability.

The most common products are the stainless steel manifolds, but we also manufacture cabinets, counter tops, service water stations, regulation sets and compact stations.


Heating distribution manifolds

TTO Thermotechnik produces distributor manifolds for hot water radiant heating since 1989. The production program consists of manifolds for radiator connection, manifolds for one-pipe systems and manifolds for radiant heating systems.

All types are available stainless steel 1.4301 or brass MS58.

TTO Intera 52 - manifold without valves for simple radiator connection
TTO Intera 55 - manifold with regulating valves in flow and in return for radiator connection or one-pipe heating
TTO Intera 59 - manifold with regulating valves in flow and thermostatic valves in return for the connection of panel heating circuits
TTO Intera 69 - manifold with flowmeters in flow and thermostatic valves in return for the connection of panel heating circuits

Cabinets and other covers

The program of the cabinets completes our manifold program. The adjustment of the products makes it possible to position the heating circuit exactly within the cabinets and to adapt in height and depth at the place of the installation.

TTO distribution cabinets are available in two flush-mounted versions (UNI 110 and 80) and a surface-mounted version (TTO A) in the common widths established on the European market. The casing of the cabinets is made of fire- galvanized sheet steel while frame and door are made of electrolytic galvanized sheet steel. They are supplied either powder coated in RAL 9016 or without powder coating. All types of cabinets can be refitted with a cylinder lock with two keys.

UNI 80 - cabinets with depth of 80 mm for installation in drywall partitions (UP 80)
UNI 110T - cabinets with depth of 110 mm for flush mounting (UP 110)
TTO A - cabinets for surface mounting (AP)

Service water stations to DHW heating

Service water stations for DHW heating are preferably installed in each apartment of an apartment building. We have developed a service water station that covers the entire individualized needs of a customer for heating and hot water as well as it provides to measure his water and the heat consumption.

Service water stations are designed for self-contained heating systems which are connected to a central heating system. Their main function is the individual supply of thermal energy and a simultaneous hot water heating on the flow principle following the "either-or" principle. Our stations are characterized by their compact design such as the integration of heat and water meters, which allows an accurate billing of water and energy consumption.

Domestic water stations for DHW heating and radiators, floor - or bivalent heating
Domestic water stations for DHW heating without connection of the residential heating

Regulation sets and compact stations

Regulation sets have been developed for heating systems, where the flow temperature of the main line must be down-regulated e.g. in order to operate a panel heating system. Available types:

F20 - Themostat fixed value control of the flow with pump set and integrated ball valves before and after the pump
F35 - Thermostat fixed value control mounted in front of the primary branch connection of the manifold, with the possibility to adjust the flow rate of the mixed water
F36 - Compact design, adapted for manifolds with straight holders

Compact stations have been were developed for requirements of supplying single rooms with under floor heating while the remaining rooms are connected to radiator heating.

The stations are designed to connect up to 4 radiator heating circuits and up to 10 floor heating circuits. The stations are made ​​of stainless steel manifolds and control and connection elements in brass.