We are thinking long-term

Our highest priority is the quality of our products such as our service. We challenge ourselves every day to raise the quality level of each of our products just as the work in our company itself continuously.

This guideline runs through all the processes in our company starting from the vendor selection to production itself and the sales. Above all there is a special attention to the individual customer focus.


We use highest quality materials, most modern technological equipment and undertake continuous controls in the manufacturing process. One of the strictest observed defined criteria is the 100% pressure test of each manifold leaving the manufacturing facility in accordance to the DIN EN 12266-1 and DIN EN 12266-2 standards. We ensure thereby our commitment to highest quality.

We have installed a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 in the year 2008, where we define all of our quality requirements in order to systematically manage and continually improve them.